In the name of the entire Produits Alimentaires Berthelet team, it’s with pleasure— and with the interests of consumers, our distribution partners, and our loyal end-users in mind— that we created our brand new website. More efficient, complete and accessible, it offers a detailed menu of our savoir-faire and is intended to open the door to our company. Welcome to our universe!

Since 1960 we have been pioneers in the food industry where, thanks to the close relationships we have developed with our clients, we have evolved and renewed ourselves for more than 50 years in the fields of food services, retail, private labels, and industrials. Our manufacturing plants for dehydrated and liquid products have a large production capacity and are flexible enough to always be able to respond to the varying demands of our clients and to support them in their projects.

Our dedicated multidisciplinary team has won DUNAMIS, DUX and GAÏA awards, testimony to the respect that the food industry holds for Berthelet. Enjoy your visit.


Who we are

Since the founding of our company in 1960 by Donat Berthelet and his wife Léda Berti, Berthelet has been a pioneer in the food industry. Thanks to the relationships we have developed, we constantly evolve by creating products and solutions for our clients in the fields of food services, retail, private labels, and industrials.

After humble beginnings focused mainly on selling products and supplies to butchers, the company incorporated in the early 60s and soon became one of Canada’s most important manufacturers of dehydrated food products.

Several years later, the company, that has always believed in frank and constructive discussions, met with Mr. René Léger, owner of three very successful rotisseries in Montreal operating under the name of St-Hubert Bar-B-Q. This young chain of family restaurants was already growing rapidly and becoming well-known for its TV spots on Saturday night hockey games. But the famous St-Hubert sauce was difficult to prepare and preserve. The Berthelet brothers asked Mr. Léger’s permission to try and match the secret recipe for the sauce— but in dehydrated form. The businessman accepted their proposal.

After a great deal of work and a few failed attempts, they managed to create a dehydrated version of the sauce, on the greatest restaurant success in our history. Far from resting on their laurels, Berthelet decided to go even further and develop a retail version of the famous St-Hubert sauce for Quebec supermarkets. For the first time, families could buy, for the modest sum of 9 cents, a packet of sauce that they could rapidly and easily prepare at home.

This success demonstrated the entrepreneurial spirit of the company which was the first to introduce a restaurant brand in the Quebec retail market. In 1991, the Berthelet et Léger families built a new production facility in Blainville to support the factory in Laval that was running at full capacity. The new company, Berthelet& Léger inc., focused on the retail market and manufactured, among others, products destined for supermarkets as well as the dozens of St-Hubert restaurants in Quebec, Ontario, and the Maritimes.

In 2007, the Berthelet family decided to sell its retail business to the Groupe St-Hubert, in order to devote itself to its core business, the food services industry.

Berthelet has never wished to be the biggest manufacturer, but rather the best manufacturer in its sector. Its reputation has been built on quality, consistency, and good taste, along the unrivalled client service.

These principles guide the company today as it explores new opportunities at home and abroad. 2013 marked the return of the company to the retail sector with Thaï Express brands for the MTY Group and Koolifruits brands that offer innovative products to consumers seeking tasty and healthy products.

Far from forgetting its origins, the company, which occupies a place of pride in Quebec kitchens, doesn’t want to conquer the world, but simply wants to remain the best in its field.


14 / 08 / 2015


Notice of Appointment– New President at Berthelet Food Products Inc.

27 / 03 / 2015


Offering unbeatable customer service, Shirley Dion supervises a motivated and passionate team.

Shirley has 25 years of customer service experience, the last eight of which have been working for Berthelet Food Products. She shares her passion and knowledge with her team to offer the support needed to respond to the numerous enquiries they receive.

Whether you need to place an order, ask for a data sheet, obtain further information on our products or make any other enquiry, the customer services team is here to help you.

If you speak to Shirley, you will find her organised and dedicated, knowledgeable and enthusiastic.



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