Private labels

For decades, private labels and house brand have taken a greater place in supermarkets and distributors’ food services catalogues.

Alternatives of lesser quality with a lower price points, they have become, for some, trusted brands offering good value. At Berthelet, we were among the first North American manufacturers to offer products from popular family restaurants in Canadian grocery stores. We were also among the first to offer a line of products that was economical, but always consistent, reliable, and tasty. Today, Berthelet puts all its experience, talent, creativity, and expertise at the service of different industries looking for a reliable, well established partner. We are private label experts. Please give us a call.


A brand you can trust

For more than 50 years, Berthelet has worked with retailers with a view to category management and performance. We have developed different private label and house brand products for the largest retailers in the country who know they can count on a company like Berthelet.

Our in-depth knowledge of consumers is key, and our technical and logistical expertise make us a reliable partner that is respected throughout the industry. If you’re a retailer seeking a reliable, dedicated, and creative partner, you’ve come to the right place.


A question of loyalty

Berthelet is an important and respected manufacturer in the food services industry. Over the years, we have developed long-lasting and profitable relationships with tens of thousands of end-users as well as with an exceptional network of distributors.

To help our distributors, we have developed a huge portfolio of private label products for them. We know the industry and the taste of Canadians and we help our distributors offer a range of products and prices that will appeal to all of their clientele. Provide us with a challenge and we’ll take it on with enthusiasm, conviction, and efficiency. Give us a call.

Restaurant owners and entrepreneurs

A business opportunity worth seizing

At Berthelet we’re entrepreneurs at heart. Like any entrepreneur, we hate saying“no” to a client, and always try to find intelligent solutions for their needs.

That’s why we offer so many products and have created so many links with different entrepreneurs in the restaurant business. Whether you’re a world-class group or a local restaurant owner, we’re there to help you. Whether it’s a special formulation, a specific format, special packaging, or any other detail that will help you perform better, raise profitability or encourage growth, get in touch and we’ll be glad to assist you. In a true spirit of partnership and collaboration.


A flexible brand for retailers who care about quality

When we set out to several years ago to make our mark in Canadian and American markets, one of the tools we wanted to have at our disposal was a brand that retailers could use to test different products and concepts before making a choice and the investments necessary to create private label and house brand products.

This brand is called Five Forks, and is intended to be accessible, simple, and appealing. Thanks to this brand, we have even more flexibility and can significantly reduce our response time. A fine brand. Excellent products. Enormous flexibility.

Capacities and certifications


At Berthelet, we’re fortunate to have two(2) independent production facilities. Our main facility is located in Laval while our second is approximately twenty minutes north of Boisbriand.

Our facilities allow us to produce a large variety of liquid and dehydrated products that respect our unique recipes, methods, and procedures. Berthelet’s principal lines of products are as follows:

Soup bases/Sauce mixes/Spices/Seasonings/Dessert powders/Beverage crystals/Sports drinks with electrolytes/Proteins/Marinades/Salad dressings/Coulis and fruit toppings/Pie fillings/Jams/Colourings and Essences/Products for milk bars/ Concentrated liquid bouillons/Tea, tisanes and infusions/ Starches



Specialized in the manufacturing of dehydrated product/60,000 sq. ft./SQF level 2 accreditation/ Nut-free facility/Automated with Ribbon mixers, metal detectors and X-ray machines/Inspected and certified by the CFIA(Canadian Food Inspection Agency)/Traceability system/Allergen control/HACCP certified


Specialized in the production of liquid products/25,000 sq. ft./ SQF level 2 accreditation/ Nut-free facility/Automated with boilers, coolers, chillers, cookers and filling lines/ Inspected and certified by the CFIA(Canadian Food Inspection Agency)/MK Kosher certified/ Traceability system/ Allergen control


Can you also create packaging for us?


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Is your production facility certified kosher?

Our Boisbriand facility is certified MK Kosher.

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How do you develop private label products?

Each private label project is different. Sometimes a company will provide us with a product sample and asks us to analyze and recreate it.

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