Certifications & allergens

Security is a priority

Our certifications


Both of our plants are GFSI (Global Food Safety Initiative) certified at SQF (Safe Quality Food) level 2. These norms regulate food safety using international standards and add numerous control measures to ensure good practices in agro-food plants. Also, this forces plants to put in place HACCP norms, who in turn, regulate the health and safety of the food products. Using established procedures and programs improves our capacity to properly monitor various critical points throughout the production process.


Our plants are also inspected and certified by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency. This federal government institution is in charge of food safety and supervises the various procedures and control measures on a daily, weekly or annual basis, in order to ensure the proper operations of our installations.


Our traceability system follows the path and the movements of the different components included in our products, throughout the production chain and the different consumption and distribution networks.


We’ve put in place various allergen control procedures allowing us to certify declarations on our products. Measures to eliminate any possibility of cross-contamination are used daily.


The Boisbriand plant is Kosher certified, therefore, every product issued by this plant is approved by Montreal Kosher. The Laval plant may also produce certain kosher products upon request.