Protein Products

Filling, energizing and guesswork-free

Proteins are essential to the proper function of our bodies. Products under our EZ-Protein brand make adding protein to various preparations easy without altering taste or texture. 


Many are looking more and more to replace meat with plant-based products rich in fibre and lower in fat. That’s why our experts formulated this unique combination of plant-based protein such as faba bean, hemp, rice and chickpeas to provide a complete source of amino acids. 


This unflavoured protein powder blends easily and instantly to all hot or cold liquids and foods to increase their nutritional value instantly. Drinks, mashed potatoes, crepes, sauces, pudding or hot cereal: 7 g of EZ-Protein add 6 g of protein to your menu. A recent Quebec study has shown that a more consistent protein intake throughout the day favours greater muscle strength in seniors.