If you enjoy winter sports, or quite the opposite, cocooning with a cozy blanket and a good movie, winter is the inspiration for warm and comforting foods. Here are our suggestions.

Chuck Roast

There is nothing more comforting than a braised chuck roast that’s been slowly cooking. Oven ready in no time at all, just let it cook all afternoon while you enjoy the day outdoors with family and friends.

When you get back, it smells heavenly in the house and it’s ready to be served! Serve with a side dish of mashed potatoes, green peas or simply a fresh lettuce salad.

Rôti de palette de bœuf à l’oignon - Recette Berthelet

Eggplant Parmesan with Marinara Sauce

A nice alternative for a vegetarian meal, this simple gratin is easy to prepare and ready within an hour to be enjoyed by all. It is a great way to introduce eggplant to the kids and increase their vegetable intake.

Serve as a main dish with a fresh loaf of bread, or as a side dish with a heavier festive winter meal.

Moroccan Chicken

You adore winter, but still have a bit of nostalgia for some warmth? This Maroccan Chicken recipe will delight your senses and give you that touch of heat. Featuring exotic flavors from Ras-El Hanout, it is a recipe that will add some sunshine to your day.

Do not hesitate to double, or even triple the recipe for leftovers to be served as a warm lunch.

Recette - Poulet Marocain

Enjoy your meal!

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