Asian Sautéd Beef

  • Preparation time 15 minutes
  • Cooking time 10 minutes
  • Servings


30 ml

soy sauce

15 ml

minced garlic

15 ml

fresh ginger, minced

600 g

top sirloin cut into strips

500 ml

Berthelet Signature Hot chicken Sauce mix (see the indications on the jar)

15 ml

lime juice

5 ml

Berthelet 5 forks Sriracha mix

30 ml

canola oil


green pepper, cut into strips


red pepper, cut into strips


onion, minced

15 ml

fresh coriander, chopped


Step 1
Marinate the strips of beef in the soy sauce, garlic and ginger (30 minutes)

Step 2
Brown the beef in half of the oil and set aside

Step 3
Add the rest of the oil, cook the peppers and onion

Step 4
Return the beef to the pan with the vegetables, add the sauce reconstituée, the lime juice and the Sriracha spice

Step 5
Let simmer for several minutes, sprinkle with fresh coriander before serving