Beef Stew with Beer

  • Preparation time 20 minutes
  • Cooking time 1h30 minutes
  • Servings


1 kg

stewing beef in cubes

60 ml

vegetable oil


onion, minced

125 ml

leeks, chopped

250 ml

carrots, chopped

250 ml

amber beer

1 l

Berthelet Signature Brown Instant sauce mix (100 g of powder and 1 liter hot water)

5 ml

fresh parsley, chopped


Step 1
In an oven-safe pot, brown the cubes of beef in half of the vegetable oil and reserve

Step 2
With the other half of the oil, fry the vegetable until slightly colored

Step 3
Add the beef, the beer and the prepared sauce, stir and bring to a boil

Step 4
Cover and cook in the oven at 350 degrees F for 1 hr 15 min to 1 hr 30 min (until beef is tender)

Step 5
Sprinkle with fresh parsley before serving



Tip: serve with mashed potatoes