Spicy Beef tartare

  • Preparation time 15 minutes
  • Cooking time 0 minutes
  • Servings


300 g

beef tenderloin or top round steaks, cut into cubes

15 ml


5 ml

fresh parsley, chopped

10 ml

lime juice

15 ml

capers, chopped

15 ml

green onion, chopped

2.5 ml

Berthelet 5 Forks Bourbon Spice Rub

2.5 ml

Berthelet 5 Forks Sriracha mix

Berthelet 5 Forks Malabar Black Pepper, ground, to taste


Step 1
Mix all of the ingredients in a bowl

Step 2
Using a cookie cutter or a die-cut mold, set the tartares directly on each plate

Step 3
Decorate with fresh parsley